The Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility

In 2008 we completed the setup of a state-of-the-art cryo-EM facility lead by Otto Berninghausen and technically supported by Charlotte Ungewickell. Our facility aims to allow large scale data collection for single particle reconstruction and also offers high-throughput quality checks of protein complexes for possible data collection. Furthermore it is set up to generate de novo 3D structures of protein complexes by using low-dose tomography and random conical approaches.

For sample preparation we use the following equipment:

Denton Carbon evaporator Mark IV for the generation of thin carbon films, Microwave based glow discharge device to render carbon films hydrophilic, Vitrobot Mark III, FEI, for the vitrification of samples. Ultramicrotome, Ultracut E, Reichert, for thin-sectioning of embedded specimen, Vitrobot Marc III, FEI, for the vitrification of samples.

For data collection and screening we use the following microscopes:

LVEM5, Delong Instruments
Morgagni, FEI
Tecnai Spirit, FEI
Titan Krios, FEI
Experienced users can book EM time using an internet calendar.

For data processing and structure interpretation we work with:

High resolution drum scanners from Heidelberg for digitizing micrographs, 10 dual/triple screen work stations with 4 CPUs for image processing and model building, Linux cluster comprising several hundred CPUs for high resolution 3D reconstructions.


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